Two rice paper rolls with roast duck, vermicelli, cucumber & sweet soy 9
Three grilled chicken skewers with peanut sauce 9
Five crab and prawn rice net spring rolls with plum sauce 9

Green papaya, tiger prawns, cherry tomatoes & roasted peanut 17
Poached chicken, coriander, tomato, mint and coconut dressing 17
North Eastern style grilled beef salad, cucumber, mint, coriander,
chilli & ground roasted rice 18

Wok-fried _served with steamed jasmine rice
Crispy pork belly, chinese broccoli & oyster sauce 18
Chilli chopped chicken, garlic, basil & fried egg 18
Calamari, green beans, thai eggplant, dry red curry paste & kaffir lime 18
Chicken, chilli jam, spring onion, cashews & whole dry chilli 17
Beef, chinese broccoli & oyster sauce 17
Asian greens, tofu, shitake mushroom & oyster sauce 14

Northern style pork sausage fried rice 17
Prawns, hens egg & chinese broccoli fried rice 18
Vegetable, tofu & hens egg fried rice 14

Choo chee curry of salmon, kaffir lime and steamed greens 19
Green curry of chicken, asian greens, baby corn & sweet basil 17
Slow cooked beef curry with crispy egg noodles, pickled mustard & lime (no rice) 18
Yellow curry of tofu, snake beans, sweet potato & eggplant 15

Sen Jan Pad Thai noodles with chicken, dried shrimp, tofu & crushed peanuts 17
Flat rice noodles with pork, chinese broccoli & sweet soy 17
Hokkien noodles with calamari, cabbage, chinese broccoli & chilli sambal 18
Rice noodles with chicken, chilli, basil & kaffir lime 17

Sen Jan Pad Thai noodles with asian greens, egg, peanut and tofu 15
Flat rice noodles with asian greens, egg, tofu and sweet soy 15
Rice noodles with asian greens, egg, tofu,
chilli and basil 15